Urgent - Tag Fields Problem

Hi guys ! Firstly thank you for making it so easy to tag mp3's.

I have a little problem though.

When seeing the mp3 tags in Windows Explorer all works fine.

Like in this picture:

It also works great in mp3 players such as Winamp and VLC...
But problems start to creep up when I import my whole library into Sam Broadcasting (radio automation software)

As shown in this screenshot:
Sam Broadcaster doesn't read any of the tags and instead puts the Track Number as the Artist and the file name as the whole title

Now I have noticed that how mp3tag doesn't tag the mp3s in standard form like for example:
ARTIST (non-standard) to Artist (standard).

Is there a way to convert these tag fields into standard ones so they could work universally across all apps?

If possible I need an easy way to do this process, as I have around 800 albums, most of which have double cd's and it took a lot of time to tag these albums individually.

I doubt that this is the solution as the label for a field and its case is hardly a matter of compatibility or standard. Important is the internal field name.
See the online help for the field mapping.

You have to find out what kind of tag version your strange program understands: just V1? APE? V2?
You can then set MP3tag to edit these tag versions.

What I actually did is downgraded to an older version of Sam. All tags now load fine.
Strange they won't work on the other version I was using though. :unsure:

Regarding those mappings, I barely understood anything. I'm not a highly technical guy with regards to tagging. Thanks for the help though ! :slight_smile:

Your example looks as if your program does not care about tags but uses the filename to get its informations.
You can easily test this and rename one of your files like this
Artist name - Title name.mp3

Maybe in your program is an option in the settings to decide wether filenames or tags are to be used.

What I tried to point out: all MP3 tags follow a certain internal standard. You can see this in the more or less cryptic names like TDAT.
Most programs that can read the tags do not simply display this field token but translate it to some more user-friendly display, the label. This label, though, does not have anything to do with the internal ids.
Now, back to your program: could you check in MP3tag what kind of tag version the files have? If you scroll to the right in the files list you should see something like V2.3 (V1, V2.3).

Now take a test file and set the Tools>Options>Mpeg to delete all but write only V1 tags.
Press save to save the tags - the column with V2.3 should now show only V1.
Now read the file into your program - does it show tag information?
If so, it only understands V1 tags.
Also, it could be that the files have V2.4 tags and the program does not understand them. I would investigate that.
As soon as you know what kind of tag version can be read by your program, MP3tag will help you to save the correct version.