Usability Enhancements

What a wonderful tool, will be donating later today - this is priceless!

Anyway, two (ish) usability enhancements

if when searching FreeDB (or any other source for that matter) you get a message "The Server failed to return a valid Response Code" rather than just having a "OK" button, there was a "Retry - Cancel" combination.

This would allow the user a single click retry rather than moving the mouse and clicking FreeDB etc again. Saving three clicks, and a lot of mouse movement.

Often, I have found, that this response is just because and a simple Retry is all that is necessary to get the appropriate information.

When the message "No suitable entry found for" is displayed, this to me means that this album (number) cannot be found on FreeDB. A more user freindly message would help newbies - especially as I only found out about this tool in this months PCHome magazine (issue 165). You might just get a lot more people using this tool.

When you get the information back from FreeDB etc and get the Adjust Tag box - it would be nice if you could but a check box saying "Set Default" for the actions at the bottom of the box. For example - I want the DiscID to be saved in DiscID and Comment field. This would help significantly in Mass updating, like I said I only found this tool yesterday and having to click these boxes all the time is a pain.

In the Adjust Tag box as above, it would be great if there was a new section below the options above with the option to apply Tag-> Filename conversion at the same time (again with a set default action).

for example
Adjust Filename Box
Options for Tags
Section splitter (line)
check box - Apply Tag->Filename coversion at the same time
Tag->Filename options as per the separate T->F convertion.
Section splitter (line)
OK Cancel etc buttons

You have no idea how useful that would be....

Many thanks in advance
Kindest regards

Sean McPoland

PS watch the donation box later!