Usb player not recognized after installing mp3tag


After installing Mp3tag Windows Xp pro will not recognize any more my mp3 usb player.

Mp3Tag looks to work fine, but when I connect my mp3 player to usb port Windows raise the flag where it informs that "USB device not recognized. One of Usb device is in failsafe mode..." And my player has unknown status state in device manager. Just before installing MP3Tag it was recognized.

This same feature was happening also earlier in my other Windows XP pro computer, so it looks like that MP3tag change something in Windows directory.

Now I looks like that the only way to get my usb-port back to working will be uninstall MP3tag and run Windows recovery.

Has anybody else found this kind of problems with Mp3tag?


I think you are the first to report something like this. I also use Mp3tag and had several MP3 players from friends and relatives which continued to work just fine.


Would it be possible to know what kind of changes Mp3tag do to the Windows during the installation? I am asking this because I was wrong about that Windows recovery (that one which can be found from Windows Help). It didn't correct my fault although I was thinking and writing so.

Something has been probable changed in my Windows (drivers or registery) because now my WeWa player will be recognized only as unknown device. Before installation Windows recognized it fine.


Yes, no problem:

  • It adds the registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius\Mp3tag
  • It copies files to the installation directory
  • It copies files to %APPDATA%\Mp3tag
None of the changes can affect stability of your system so I think it must be some other program or service you were installing.

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