USB won't remain in album when playing

I have 2 different vehicles that I use USB memory with albums and songs. Recently, while I have selected only one album, both vehicles behave as if the audio player is in shuffle mode and change albums rather than playing all of the songs in the album. Not sure why this is happening suddenly when previously the entire album would play all of the songs in correct order. MP3tag has been used to create the USB memory devices.

So we have a player problem?

You have to tell us which tag fields you have filled to see whether an album could be recognized at all.
You need data in ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, TITLE, TRACK, ALBUM. And even if these fields are filled then it is still down to the player to interpret the data correctly.

What's changed? Something must have changed to cause a change in behavior. Treat this like a programming debug challenge. Let's figure out what changed, and then we can figure out how to fix it.

For example, one reaction might be to see if the vehicle received an update of some sort, that might have affected the music system. But you said this has happened in TWO vehicles. So that's unlikely.

So it's almost certainly the USB stick. Did it happen without ANY changes to the USB drive? One day it worked, the next time it didn't? Did you write or change ANYTHING on the drive?

If you made a change, then we need to figure out what might have changed to cause the vehicles to no longer play in album/folder order.

Yada yada etc etc. This is how we can drill down and resolve this. Hopefully.