Use check boxes to select items

We should be able to select items in the column field.
Please Add Use checkboxes to select items in settings.

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Could you supply a use case?
As MP3tag has its virtues for manipulating files in masses, so far the filter function has provided me with all the selection options I need.
Also, you can still select item from the filelist with Ctrl pressed while clicking.

Also, please use the search function to see the other threads that suggested the same that you did right now. It might have been beneficial for the already existing discussions if you had added your ideas there.

This is the case in all programs and even in Windows.
For example, I only want to use the mouse.

let us not start a discussion to prove how many programs use a function or not and whether that makes sense in a particular context.

If you

then you will never be able to drag&drop only a couple selected files from the WIndows Explorer into the MP3tag window and add them to the current list - if you leave out the Ctrl key then the dragged&dropped files will replace the already present files.
Also, I can hardly imagine that any kind of further manipulation esp. the editing of files can be carried out with the mouse only.

The discussion about check boxes is not new.
And so far the feature has not been implemented. There are probably reasons for this. And if no new insights are added, then I am not sure that a lot will happen in the future in this respect. That is why I asked for a clarifying use case.

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I understand you, I hope in the future small points will be understandable. :wink: