use directories and filename all in one go?

was wondering if anyone knows how to do this. my directory structure is:

%_parentdirectory% = %artist
%_directory% = %year% - %album%
%filename% = %track% - %title%

was wondering what the syntax would be to transfer %_parentdirectory%, %_directory%, and %filename% to the appropriate tags using ... "Filename - Tag"? in other words, all in one shot.

i've managed to do this in an action group be breaking it down into three steps but judging from what i've seen elsewhere in the documentation ("You can mark directories via the backslash within the format string") i'm thinking i should be able to do it in a single step using "Filename - Tag" or somesuch. i've tried a few variations but haven't had much luck with it.

possible? suggestions?



thank you. i'm afraid i'm such a noobie that i'm not 100% sure how to use the info you've given but i expect i'll figure it out. :book:

thanks again.

ah, got it! use the "%artist%\%year% - %album%\%track% - %title%" thing in the Filename - Tag operation, works beautifully! thanks again! :slight_smile: