Use Directory in Album name

I am looking to change the Album field on a few thousand tracks.
Not to hard as all the files are in sequential folder

album series\01
album series\02
and so on

I want to amend just the album using this folder as the prefix is correct in the folder structure, but the tags are inconsistent.

Is this possible ? i looked at trying to use the following Filename - Tag option
\%album%\1%track% - %artist% - %title%
but this just changes the album to be the folder number
I cannot see where to start with the Scripts (I see them mentioned, but not how to get a script page up to write anything to make it prefix anything to the album field - If I import using the above Filename - Tag option adding a prefix is easy)
Any pointers would be appreciated

Convert: Tag -Tag
... or ...
Action: Format value
Field: ALBUM
Formatstring: %_parent_directory%


Please supply us with a concrete example, because I don't exactly know what you want to do.

To change the album tag you could use an action "Format Value" or you take the Convert-Menue "Tag-Tag".

With the Converter "Tag-Tag":
Field: ALBUM
Format String: %_directory% %album%

If I get it right then you have the same album but several volumes like Bravo Hits 01, Bravo Hits 02, yet the volumes are split up in a separate folder for each volume and the volume number is not yet reflected in the ALBUM field.

You may use the Convert>Filename-Tag function:
The first %album% contains "Album series" and the second adds "01" to ALBUM. ALBUM should contain "Album Series 01" after the treatment.

Hi Ohrenkino
Excellent. I had to rename the folder from an abbreviation and then the conversion, but a 2 second change to achieve what I wanted :slight_smile:

Cheers - much appreciated