Use last part of filename as tag

Apologies, but I am struggling here

Using Convert Filename - Tag I want to strip away a common part of the filename leaving only the rest as a tag
For example in :
No Commitments 12_1 Settling Down
No Commitments 12_2 Darling Daughters

I wish to remove the first 15 characters in both leaving only
12_1 Settling Down
12_2 Darling Daughters

Quite happy to alter the no of characters to be removed manually each time

Sorry if this has been covered before but I have looked for an answer.

Converter Tag->Tag
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: $cutleft(%_filename%,15)

Instead of counting characters I think an easier solution would be to only count words:
Converter Filename->Tag
%dummy% %dummy% %title%

You have to write a %dummy% for each word you want to cut off.

There might be better and general solutions for alle your files but to advice you you should tell more about the scheme of the filenames and the tags you want to use.

Thanks for the advice above and I have been using this successfully for the last 2 years.

However, since the update to version 2.99a it has stopped working. The revised tag is shown in the dialogue box, but on pressing OK, the tag is not altered.

Any advice?

If you have entered the mask recently: could you check if you have written %titel% instead of %title%?
Also, check the extended tags dialogue if you now have a field called TITEL.