Use number in Title to create Track numbers

My second question of the day!!! The community already helped out earlier....

I would like to use the numbers at the start of a each TITLE to generate the Track number. The autonumbering wizard it hit and miss...

So for example....this is the title currently of a track

07 Its Never Too Late

I've had a look - I can see ideas about suppression of parts, removal of numbers....but how can keep these numbers and use them...

Thanks again


If you only want to get the number into TRACK and leave TITLE as it is, you could try an action of the type "Format value" or the function Convert>tag-Tag, both for TRACK
Format string: $regexp(%title%,^(\d+).*,$1)

If you want to move the number to TRACK and also see the TITLE without it, try and action of the type "Guess value" (import tag fields)
Source: %title%
Pattern: %track% %title%

PS: I think the correct title would be "It's never too late"

first use autonumbering to number all tracks, then use title-->filename
$num(%track%,2) - %title%

thanks very much x2. It worked a dream.