HI Taggers,
can someone explain me when I should use this tag?
I can think of an album of covers (like Blind Guardian's "Forgotten Tales"), using (original) ARTIST for each song and putting Blind Guardian as ALBUMARTIST. Is this the right use of it?
Will you populate the tag even for single artist album with no covers (i.e. Iron Maiden "Killers")?


Yes. Always fill it.
Because otherwise a player might sort all albums without ALBUMARTIST under the same name (e.g. greatest hits) or put samplers as a separate albums, one for each ARTIST.

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No, to me it seems that Blind Guardian is the only artist on all tracks on that album. So Blind Guardian is ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST.

(I think there is also ORIGINAL ARTIST but I'm not entirely sure of its use, and I think it's uncommon.)

ARTIST is meant to be the one who is performing the track - whether it's a cover doesn't matter.

ALBUMARTIST is usually the one printed on the front cover, but for compilations it's something like "Various Artists" or "Compilation".

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If you have an album from an artist featuring several other artists like this:

I would set the ALBUMARTIST to "Lil Wayne".
The ARTIST tag on each track is set to "Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean & Lil Baby" for track #4
"Lil Wayne feat. Adam Levice" for track #10
"Lil Wayne feat. 2 Chainz" for track #11
For tracks like #1 - #3 the ALBUMARTIST and ARTISTS contains the same "Lil Wayne".


This is exactly how I would do this album. And for compilations that are assembled by a main artist (tribute albums, etc) I use the main artist, otherwise for all other compilations I assign them as "Various Artists" for AlbumArtist.

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I really like this method and it saves from putting "features" on TITLE field.
Now I think that even the suggestion to always fill ALBUMARTIST is a good advice.

This makes me think to another question:
Is it right to put "feat / feat. / featuring" on the artist tag? Should I use commas or any other type of separator (/ maybe) ?

Thank you guys!

PS: Yes, there is an ORIGINALARTIST tag and I have some actions to deal with it as I was searching a way to show original artist name while listening to a file.
My actions add something like (Black Sabbath Cover) to title if ORIGINALARTIST field is not null, or putting Black Sabbath into ORIGINALARTIST if title contains "cover" string.

IMHO there is no "right" or "wrong". You should fill the tags as you need it in your most used devices.
If your playing devices don't use or don't show the ORIGINALARTIST tag, why should you fill it?

I asked because, at this point, I would like featuring artists to show on a search by artist. I wonder if there is an ID3 "standard" for multi values on tag and which tags do support multi values.
I mean, if I put Leaves' Eyes feat Clementine Delauney on the ARTIST tag and Leaves' Eyes on the ALBUMARTIST one, which artists would appear on a query for artist? I fear that somwhow a Leaves' Eyes feat Clementine Delauney artist could jump out :roll_eyes:

If your playing devices don't use or don't show the ORIGINALARTIST tag, why should you fill it?

I'm trying to "standardise" my whole library, one day I could use a new player that would handle and show that tags :smiley:

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