Use op mp4 in v2.44


I' am using v2.44 for editing the lenght of my video clips as a tag in my my video clips.

Now i have finished that (472 clips) and when I open my standard directory all the playtimes are visible, but the info gives 1(00:00:00) 110,4 MB) 472(00:00:00) | 73,6GB.

I've tried to change the field "lenght" into "time" with the same result.

Can anybody help me??


I'm not clear on exactly where you're seeing the "info" that you describe, so this may or may not be relevant.

There are currently problems with the way that MP3Tag's encoding of numeric strings are interpreted by Windows - particularly the "length" value (TLEN). This has happened since Windows update KB968816 (Sep 2009), which seems to have instigated stricter enforcement of ID3 standards. More details are here: /t/9209/1" target="_blank">/t/9209/1 .