Use Tag Sources on certain tags only?

I've searched around, but perhaps I'm not wording this correctly.

Is there a way to use Tag Sources (Discogs, FreeDB, etc) to apply information to a specific set of tags?

In my case, I want to use a Tag Source to update the Title tags, but I want to leave the artist, genre, track, etc tags as they are, and I currently don't see any way to do this.

On a similar note, if there's a way to restrict case conversions to specific tags, I'd love to know what that is, too!


I think you have to modify the web source script and chuck out all the fields that you don't want.

How have you done this before? AFAIK the action to convert the case needs the name of a field. So I would say that this is the restriction you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply.

Sad there isn't a better method for singling out individual tags for updates from a web source. Since MOST of the time, I do want to update everything! Oh well.

As for Case Conversion, all I do there is select "Case Conversion" from the little dropdown menu from the actions button (Where it just has options for Case Conversion, CD-R, and Standard). But now I've found the other way to do Case Conversion where you can define what fields to convert. So thanks for that!

You can copy an existing tag source text file, trim the copy down to your needs and only use it for this specific case. You can repeat this with as many variations as you like. :wink:

I'll try that next time.

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