User Agent & discogs.src

I've been using Mp3tag for a while - great program. Really useful - thank you to all involved.

I've just started playing around with the .src scripts, namely the discogs.src one. I slightly modified it so I could understand how it works and tweak a few things. It seems pretty straightforward.

However I think I've discovered a problem that might be related to the "user agent" header when retrieving the page from This problem occurs with the original discogs.src script too.

Here's a URL that demonstrates this problem (apologies for the potentially offensive language on the page, it's the only one I've found so far that shows the problem):

If I browse to that with Firefox ( I see a page with eight albums under "Releases" and a "Remixes" section with two albums.

If I browse to that with Internet Explorer (6) I see a page with only SIX albums under "Releases". The last two are missing. Even stranger, there's no "Remixes" section.

So the site is obviously returning different results depending on the browser, which is why I suspect the User Agent.

When Mp3tag retrieves the page, it appears to get the same page that IE gets - so it's missing some albums and the entire Remixes section.

Is there a way to change the User Agent string that Mp3tag sends to

I might send an email to too, to see if they know why the results are different depending on the browser.

It's whether you're logged in or not.
You can still tag the album with a script that takes the release id.

Of course, I'd completely failed to realise that I was logged in via Firefox but not via IE. That would explain it.

Yes, I've now found that script and it works well. Thank you for the suggestion.