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Just thinking out loud
Is it best when using TXXX , is it best to use ID3v2.4 or ID3v2.3 ?
As I make a lot of Music , I would like to add Reference Fields for each Track. For me & my mixer to see at later dates.
Also , after I have made them , when / if they would appear in the Drop Down List for New Fields on the Tag Panel Create New ?
I Have made a Name in the Source Field & TXXX in the Target , is that Correct ?
Sorry for being a bit newbie .
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ID3V2.3 has the best compatibility, so far.
User-defined fields are possible in ID3V2.3 and ID3V2.4, yet, only very few players read user-defined fields (and display them).
I think that the dropdown list is filled as soon as you have entered the fieldname for formatting or so.
For the column definition you enter the fieldname for both, value and field if you want to edit the data.
You never enter "TXXX" as fieldname to define a user-defined field unless you want to call it "TXXX". If you need a field "Reference", then enter "Reference" as fieldname.

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That is pretty much what I have done.
Good to have clarification :smiley:
I'm using TXXX as the Target , is that bit correct ?

TXXX is usually the field identifier for user-defined fields.
So internally, in the tag, you will see now the identifier TXXX plus the name TXXX.
It does not hurt but it also does not really help. I would use a decent field name like "Mixer Reference".
See in the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) what the field name looks like.

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Thank-You very much.
More to do later then :smiley:
You have been Very helpful

Once again Thank-You Very much :smiley:
I have been reading , after your advise & now am getting things to work as I wanted :smiley: