User-defined tagging of FLAC files?

Is there any way to add user-defined tags to FLAC files or are you stuck with only the ones defined in the interface?

I need to add tags for multi-disc sets for use with Slim Devices SlimServer. It recognizes fields named DISC (disc number) and DISCC (disc count, or total number of discs in the set).

Use ALT+T or "View > Tags" to add your fields of choice.

You can also create new columns for these fields (%disc% and %discc%) in the file view via View, Columns... and edit them directly like renaming files in Windows Explorer.

Thanks guys. Very nice.

I take it there's no way to add user-defined fields to the left-hand frame (the frame with the text entry boxes and drop-down lists)? Has this been discussed as a possible enhancement to Mp3Tag?

Yes, this has been discussed several times and I also like the idea to add any kind of tag field to the tag panel. At the moment I have no idea for a generic implementation of this feature.

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~ Florian