User Defined Values

For Genre on the tag panel you can have user defined genres and then select "Show only user defined values".

Is there a way to do that for other fields on the tag panel. For example, I use CONTENTGROUP on the tag panel. Is there a way for user defined values to show up in the drop down box for that field?

No ideas?

Any work arounds?

The genre field is, I think, the only field with preset values as defined by the mp3 standard.

All other fields do not have any defined standard values.

So you have to supply a list of "presets" yourself. One way to apply a self-defined value is to define a sort of "master record" in the list.
The "master record" then holds the template for each tag field like e.g. artist, album etc.
Then select all files that should get the template value plus the master record containing the user defined value. Then select the template value from the drop down list.

To my opinion any other implementation would call for the realization of the "dwim" concept ("do what I mean"). How should mp3tag guess which value it should write to which file? So you have to do some sort of selection, filtering and sorting to get the right sort of lists.

The work around that I'm using is similar to your master record - template idea.

I created dummy mp3 files, one for each value that I wanted to show up in the drop down box and then made the files read only so the values wouldn't change.

So now when I want to tag some actual files, I select the dummy files along with the ones I want to update and all the values I need show up in the drop down box. I'll do anything to avoid typing. :wink:

It would be nice if I could provide the values in an external file that Mp3tag would read in at start up. Or better yet, an internal table that the user could maintain. Perhaps a future enhancement?

You can use the actions for this.
Create one Format value action for each value you need.

Actions can be applied from the drop down next to the :mt_act: button so it's like the drop down in the tag panel.

If you add a # to the name of the action, it creates a sub menu.
Contentgroup#Value 1
Contentgroup#Value 2
Contentgroup#Value 3

Danke dano :slight_smile:

That's works very well, especially the sub-menu feature.

Still it would be nice if the values showed up in the drop-down box on the tag panel because if the only items that show up there are and it's not that often you need to use those. It would give those drop down boxes additional functionality.

Maybe it's just a matter of personal preference, I'm not how many others would find it useful.

i'm actually after a function like the one you're taking about...even though i don't under stand 100%

What i'm after (like genres) is to have 'various' in the 'album artist' field to save typing it in , like stanman, i'd do anything to hit the keys more than i'd need to!!!!

an easy to do walk through would help...

thanking all in advance!!!