User statistics inaccurate - and misleading?


Naturally, data can only be assigned to accounts if the acounts can be identified.
So, if you watch the forum activities as an anonymous guest and only login if you want to participate in a discussion, then the forum software will only count the time while being logged in.
So the attributes about read articles and time on the forum by far do not reflect the real activities.
I think that this is misleading - because it is so inaccurate.
I do see a certain necessity to login for comments or posts - I do not see any necessity to track the other activities, it is simply nobody's business.
So my plea would be to remove all counters for kind of passive activities and only show those which track the active parts and remove the following (German interface):

Tage vorbeigekommen
betrachtete Themen
Beitr├Ąge gelesen


I've hidden those parts with some custom css-hackery.