Using actions to move songs into artist folder

Hi there I need some assistance with using actions to transfer my songs into their own folders.

I've been looking through the forums and saw I needed to use Actions so pretty much heres what I did

Format Value
Format String: G:\Folder\%artist%

The problem is it moved all my songs into a single artists folder instead of making a folder for each artist, so I tried again, same thing.

Hopefully someone can assist me :slight_smile:

Do not apply that action to _directory but to _filename.
(The same result could be achieved with the converter TAG-Filename if you include path-names.)

If you format the _filename you have to include the filename, though. So expand the formatstring:
Format String: G:\Folder\%artist%$num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %title%
(or whatever your preferred filename looks like)

Format Value
Format String: G:\Folder\%artist%\%_filename%

Thank you ohrenkino! Worked perfectly for me!