Using "artist + title" to find "year" in e.g. Miusicbrainz

[[]MusicBrainz Web Service#Search by Artist + Title
Search by: Artist + Title
Imports: Album, Year
]MusicBrainz Web Service#Search by Artist + Title (Orig Tags)
Search by: Artist + Title
Imports: Origalbum, Origyear

I'm a newbie to this so please bear with me.
I have some experience with programming, and have used bulk changing of tags to titles in mp3tag.

I have a large number of mp3 files
Each track has tags for title and artist and usually the album or sourceCD

For each track, I want to find the year of original recording and if possible a genre
Album is of little interest to me.
Ideally, for each track, I'd like to drop the year immediately into the 'year' tag

And batch process several hundred of them in one go,
But if needed, I'll take a sequence
click on track;
click on quick lookup button;
(if I have to, manually read and copy result(s) to tags)

What src file will do this for me?

The 2 src files loadable from /t/3591/1 only take the album and then give a lot of data about possible albums. There's no "search by artist + title etc " as in the article.
What am I missing?