Using Convert/Text file - Tag, wrong tags are written to wrong files

I have a semi-colon delimited text file containing tags for each .mp3 file in the following format:
Path&Filename ; Genre ; Artist ; Album ; Title
The format string is:
%_rpath%; %genre%; %artist% ; %album% ; %title%

What I want it to do:

Use the Path&FileName to locate the file, then write the genre, artist, album, and title tags to it.

What it is doing;
Ignoring the _rpath and writing the tags on line n of the text file to the n file on the screen.
This requires that I have the lines in the text file in the same order as they are on the screen.
Without going into detail, it is difficult to impossible for me to order them this way.

Can I accomplish what I want by using something other than _rpath?
Or, in some other way?

Thanks for any help!

%_rpath% is not recognized as filename. you should use %_filename_ext%

Also, the fieldnames and separators have be entered exactly as found in the data file.
In your case I see that you have sometime "blank semicolon blank" as separator and sometimes only "semicolon blank".
And: you have to be sure that there is no semicolon in the field data. Otherwise you have to enclose the data in " ".

Thank you SO much. I choose the semi-colon because semi-colons do not appear in the data.
The missing blank was exactly the problem. Problem solved.

Thanks again!