Using Delimiter

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I just can't figure out how to use a delimiter.
In my case i want to delete all characters before a given character such as "- "

Please see the attached images.

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Replace with regular expression

$1. $2

OR you can use existing tags.
Use tag to filename with.
[%track%. %title%]

Msg wrote on phone.

Thank you very much. Worked like a charm

Sorry to bother again..

How can i modify the script to achieve the results attached within the post ?

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Use the function Convert>Filename-Filename
Source mask: %1. %2
Target mask: %2

Why do you fiddle about with the filename instead of creating a new one from tag fields?

I have lots of splits albums. Just want to create actions to save some time

I don't understand. What does the quantity have to do with the creation of new filenames?

If you insist on an action: use "Guess value" for _FILENAME
Format string: %dummy%. %_filename%

What i really want to is to create a group of actions so that i could get a final result..

Please see the attached images..Hope i could have explained myself

Looking at the pictures, I am even more confused.
Where does stevehero's script fit in the transition?
Also, stevehero mentions 2 ways to achieve the goal - which one did you use?
And what about the suggested way to use the guess value action?

Sorry to confuse you.
Pictures show the final result. I used stevehero's first script to modify the filename.

If you insist on an action: use "Guess value" for _FILENAME
Format string: %dummy%. %_filename%
should work.