Using %discnumber% in MS file name and FB2K

I'd like to use the FooBar2000's title formatting %totaldiscs% tag, but always use MP3Tag to do all my Id3 tagging. FB2K can read a %discnumber% tag when I enter it into MP3Tag in the x/y format. Formatted that way, FB2K can split the 2 values so that %discnumber% will display the disc number, and %totaldiscs% will display the total number of discs.

However for hard drive crash recovery purposes, I always like to have as much metadata present in any given track's file name as possible. But when converting tags to file names, MP3Tag converts x/y to xy, as the MS filesystem precludes the use of the character / in a file name. If I enter anything else into MP3Tag's %discnumber% tag such as x.y, x-y, or x~y, FB2K cannot recognize it.

Has anyone developed a method to address this?


Don't change the discnumber tag, use
$replace(%discnumber%,/,-) instead of %discnumber%
at your file renaming.
It replaces the / with a -
Of course you can pic a different character.

Great... I'd never have figured out that kind of string formatting.

How would you then format a string that would take that part of the file name, x-y, and copy it back to the %discnumber% tag in the x/y format?

Thanks for all your good work with MP3Tag support Dano

If you use the converter, you will have to apply a "Replace" action afterwards.

Or you can create an action that does it all at once.