Using Even attribute insted of Odd in Export settings

I'm trying to export a file in html and add the class Even in the table lines, in even numbers, instead of the Odd class, because I really need this way so I can use in my site.

I tried using <tr$if($even(!%_counter%), class="even",)>, but it seems there is not this function.

Can I achieve it in another way?

As there is the function $odd
(see for the functions),
it should not be too difficult to invert the $if or apply a non-function for the odd-case:
<tr$if($odd(!%_counter%),, class="even",)>

I tried this, but I gen an [ INVALID $IF SYNTAX ] :frowning:

Thanks to you I thought another solution. I used <tr$if($odd($add(%_counter%,1)), class="even",)>, to sum 1 to counter, so all odd numbers became even :smiley: