Using Facets filter to determine if catalog number present in %ALBUM% field

EDIT: Please ignore 'Facets' in subject line, was meant to be say 'Mp3tag'


I'd like to know if it's possible for the filter bar to show only the results where an albums' catalog number is present in the %ALBUM% field?

For example, I have music in my collection where the catalog number appears like this...
Album: My First Album (CATNUM001)

I know a simple check for a open parenthesis in the filter bar willl return the results but there is a lot of false positives, e.g. Album: Another Album (The Remixes)

In the case of the catalog numbers being in the album field they are always uppercase and a mix of uppercase letters and numbers, no symbols)

Any help is much appreciated!


A simple and quick check can be done by typing into the Filter edit box: CATNUM001
... then all files will be displayed having the string 'CATNUM001' anywhere in the tagfields.
Or apply the Filterstring: ALBUM HAS "(CATNUM001)"
Or apply the Filterstring: ALBUM MATCHES "(?-i)(\u+\d+)$"


Hi Detlev, thanks for the reply. The line...

ALBUM MATCHES "(?-i)(\u+\d+)$"

... works great with catalog numbers that are text first then numeric but some of my albums have this format (TEXTE999MORETEXT) and these results arent shown. Can the regexp be amended to include these?


ALBUM MATCHES "(?-i)(\u+\d+)"

which will show you many more results, but also undesired ones. If you do not have a unique pattern, you will get more "garbage".

ALBUM MATCHES "(?-i)(\u+\d+\u+)$"
... or ...
ALBUM MATCHES "(?-i)(\u+[\d\u]+)$"


Have a look into my proposal, there is applied the regexp $ anchor.
This helps to adjust the pattern at the right side of the ALBUM string.