Using Filename - Tag to write comment and album sort tags

I have a text file containing album sort and comment tags.

I'd like to use this to re-tag identical files that are now missing this information. I've tried to do it several times, but it keeps placing the wrong comment tags and sort album tags.

The filenames are identical. I want the program to match the filenames and then transfer the comment and sort album tags to the files that are missing them.

Can this be done?

MP3tag does not compare files.
You would have to store the data in a place where it is visible by each file, e.g. the folder name.
If you have longer text, then it could be an idea to export the data for a single field to a text file which perhaps is named like the ALBUM and then import that for all files that have the same ALBUM name.

I think I phased this wrong. I have a Filename - Tag file that has album sort and comment tags.

The files that this information pertains to are now missing these two tag. The fields are blank. How do I use the Filename - Tag file to add this information back into the tag fields?

You have to show us a real filename and which part represents which field.
Otherwise, the theoretical approach is: you use the converter just like for other fields.
Also, see the documentation:

I totally messed this up. I've been talking about the Text File - Tag feature

I'm generating the file using this:

And then using Text File - Tag

The information is landing under the wrong tracks.

I think you have to export %_filename_ext% or %_path% instead of just %_filename%.
The same then applies to the import.

Where did the data end up?

The comments/sort album tags land under the correct fields, but for the wrong songs.

The data will be added/written to the file that is specified for %_filename.ext%.

It didn't work.

Does the entire path need to be correct? Is there any way to do this with just the filename.mp3?

The has to be found.
So if you use the function for files in several folders, then you need that part of the path that addresses each file properly from the current directory.

Do you get any error messages?

6303 identical errors, but for each file
No matching entry for file "W:\My Music - TEMP\Music\ABBA\Gold - Greatest Hits [C]\ABBA _ Gold - Greatest Hits [C] _ 19 _ 1974 _ Waterloo.mp3".

And? Is there a file with that name?
Or: which file should get the data?
And is there a record in the text file for this file?

This file exists and is currently loaded in Mp3tag
ABBA _ Gold - Greatest Hits [C] _ 19 _ 1974 _ Waterloo.mp3"

The text file contains this filename with a different root.

This song should receive Album Sort information.

You would have to select all the files that should get data from the text file.
The help shows examples for the function

see which import you want to use.

Can there be additional files in the list or does it need to be the specific files only?

So either, the data records in the file are assigned to the selected files from top to bottom. If there are fewer records in the text file than selected files, then the data is assigned repeatedly.

Or, the random access approach, you have a field in each record that features the filename. Only that record will be assigned to a file with a matching name.

You can select any number of files for the random access and the text file may contain more or less (or equal) than the number of selected records. Only the matches are processed.

So what does your combination of selected files and text file look like?

Can this be done method be done if the filename is just basic filename w/o the root?

Artist _ Album _ 01 _ Title.mp3

If so, can you provide a code, please? I'm a real novice.

This depends whether the addressed file is in the same folder as the text file. Otherwise you have to add at least a relative path.

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