Using filename to fill title field on many audiobook files?


I hope someone on the forum can help me with using MP3Tag because I'm struggling with it just now.
Reading the topics on this site for over a week, I have to admit there's a lot of it I don't understand. I'm not really a computer of electronics person, I'm a gardener, so please excuse me if I ask a silly question.

I'm trying to put some audio books onto an mp3 player for my Dad, so he can sit out in the garden while I'm working there and listen to some of his favourite books. he's always been an enthusaistic reader but his eyesight is getting quite poor now.
I did put some books in MP3 form on his player already but the organization of them turned out to be an impossible mess.
So I did an Internet search on the problem and MP3Tag kept popping up as a recommended solution.

I already tried modifying the ID3 tags on one set of files with the player software but made such a botch of it that I ended up removing them all, so now all the fields are blank.
I did some more research and got the impression that the safest way for me to proceed would be to change the folder structure and filenames with a renaming program, then use these to rewrite the ID3 tag fields in some kind of batch process.

Currently I have: F:\Audio Books\Tolstoy\War and Peace\WP_Part - 01\0*- WP_Part_01.mp3

So far I have 10 of ...\WP_Part -0*... folders, each containing up to 12 of ...\0*- WP_Part_0*.mp3 files.

How can I get MP3Tag to take the filename of each file, which contains book, part and track number information and get it to batch process all the "Title" fields of each file's ID3 tag?
I keep trying to get it to work but I just can't seem to quite understand the process.
Please can anyone help me with this?


Have a look in the help file for how to use the converter.

You will have to use the :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag converter for this. As a format string, you could use something like this: %artist%\%album%\%title%. If you don't want to use the directories as information source, simply use %title%.


I too am struggling to achieve a filename - tag conversion. Perhaps I am missing something obvious.
If I select a block of files which, in the 'Filename' column are called, for example, '01 track.mp3', '02 track.mp3' etc. and I want '01 track', '02 track' etc. to appear in the 'Title' column, what do I do?
If I select 'Convert, Filename-Tag' and use the format string %_filename% it says 'Tag derived' but nothing appears to have happened. However, this is not surprising as I have not specified the 'Title' field anywhere. Where or how do I do this?
I have read the help file several times but do not understand what it is trying to tell me.


You have to use %title% as formatstring since you are importing from the filename to a target field. If you use %_filename%, Mp3tag will try to generate a new filename based on the old filename which obviously doesn't make sense since you aren't changing anything. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, that worked perfectly. I have read the help files a lot. Sometimes I know what I'm reading is the answer to my problem but I just don't understand the terminology and other technicalities enough to implement the procedures.
Your extracted example just made me brave enough to push a few buttons and things went well. :slight_smile:
Now I've actually got MP3Tag to do something I'm hooked.