Using Folder Name in Mp3 Name

I have recently finished ripping my entire cd collection over 23,000 for my purpose built jukebox it has taken me 11months to complete.

Now i am beginning to check the tags etc

I have a lot of mp3`s in their correct folders named using the track name


folder name : Ce_Ce_Peniston_-_Finally__Maxi-CD__1990

then inside that folder another folder called Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Maxi-CD) 1990

then inside that folder the mp3`s etc.

  1. Finally (Choice Mix).mp3
  2. Finally (12'' Choice Mix).mp3
  3. Finally (Somedub Mix).mp3
  4. Finally (7'' Mix Without Rap).mp3

I would like to add part of the folder name into the mp3

ie So the above becomes

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Choice Mix).mp3

Then the other information is filled in ie Finally for the album (No Maxi-Cd etc)
and 1990 for the year.

Any way of doing this a easy way, i have worked something out but still involves a lot of manual typing i was wondering if anyone knows a easier quicker way etc.

This is what I use:

Guess values:
Source: %_directory%
Dest: %artist% - %album%

That should work for ya.

That is one of the first steps I do in a multiple step action.

Thanks m8, much appreciated i will give it a try etc.

Could someone pleae provide a brief example of how to use the source and destination names? I want to rename several hundred albums with blank album names based upon the folder name that the files are in, without opening each folder one at a time. They all fall under the same artist, in this case. Could I do this in some automated fashion? This is my goal. I would want to select every album in a folder, and only replace blank album tags if that's possible.

I am trying to use the "replace" in NEW ACTION dialog, but am having problems. I told it the FIELD to replace, but am having problems with the "Regular Expression". I have the "Replace matches with" field down properly. I tried "" as a regualr expression (indicating that I wanted it to replace a BLANK FIELD, but this does not seem to work. I tried leaving the field blank, but it won't let me do that. Anyone up for describing the regular expression for a blank field that will work here, or another solution?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!

You should be able to do what I said above to get them all in one pass. What I described is a custom action that you can define. I don't have mp3tag on this machine for details, sorry.