Using | for visual purposes

I've recently learned, that the sign


is used in regular expression like a coma for alternative values

And the thing is I used it as a [big / special] coma myself; in ALBUM tag in


form and in COMMENT both in two forms of


Is it possible that all those sign could in time somehow mess up my info in those two tag fields; especially when applying to them some actions?

In the area of computing ...
... the 'pipe' or 'pipeline' or 'vertical bar' character '|', ...
... encoded in Unicode at U+007C | vertical line (124 decimal · HTML |) ...

  • is an allowed literal text character to be applied in Mp3tag tag-field values;
    Note: Mp3tag uses the 'vertical bar' character pipe as special separator character in some tag-fields
    (comments with description, unsycedlyrics);

  • is an operator on the DOS command line with the meaning of chaining two processes, by sending output from one command to the input of another command, to build a chained process;

  • is a reserved character on the DOS command line and is not allowed to be used within a filename;

  • is a reserved character within a regular expression and has the meaning of the logical 'OR' separator, ...
    and can get back it's literal meaning by 'escaping' the pipe character with a leading 'backslash', so written as '|'.

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