Using Freedb


I have just downloaded and installed this product and am initially very happy with it.
However, I have some albums that don't have complete Tag information.
When I select all of the files and click on the freedb icon, I can select the album from FreeDB (It does let me choose the right one), however I can't get it to write to the tags. If I click on Preview, I get nothing and when I try to write them to tags, I get the message 0 out of 12 written.

What am I missing?



After a bit more playing I have found a part solution. I was at work behind a firewall and proxy server. I entered the proxy settings and it connected to freedb to give me the options of the CD Tag info to use. This was when it didn't apply the tags.
When I was dialled up from home, it got this far AND managed to add the tags.


The problem seems to be some form of access. It obviously manages to connect to freedb, but can't retrieve the information. Any ideas?




I think this is already fixed with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian