Using Last.FM to search Year & Genre fields

Is it possible to do use Last.FM (or Beatport) to batch search an album artist & Artist (or similar) to find the respective release's Year (in YYYY-MM-DD) & Genre?

I really hope so 'cause it's been bugging me for years

If you mean importing data for multiple different albums at once, then it's not possible with Mp3tag. It's possible for one album at a time, though.

Hi, Florian

Can you explain how to do it for one album at once?


Yes, see WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging] for download and instructions on how to use the Beatport tag source.

Then, if you only want to have the Year and Genre, query Beatport by Release and uncheck all fields you don't want to import from the results dialog.

Fantastic! Thanks Florian & SteveHero. Beer bought!

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