Using "MOVE"

I am just getting into MP3Tag and I think I need some direction. I have a number of song titles that I wish to move to different directories. I right click on a song name and choose MOVE. A window pops up allowing me to choose the appropriate directory to move the song into , I select it and hit enter. Well the song title disappears somewhere, but certainly not to the chosen directory. In fact it disappears altogether!. Anyone know what is happening here?

As I do this all the time I can assure you that nothing disapperas altogether.
Do you want to tell that your MP3-File cannot be seen with Windows-Explorer in your target-directory?

Yes that is exactly what is happening. All of the other song titles are in the target directory but the ones that I tried to MOVE from another directory to the target have disappeared completely. I checked the recycle bin and did a search of my C drive but neither show nada I"m using XP Prof. and MP3Tag with the latest update.

Have a look at the MP3tag installation directory and see whether the files went there.
Please check your filename whether it would, when moved to the new folder, exceed the 254-character boundary for the whole pathname+filename.


Thanks for the suggestion but there are no song files in the install directory. A search of the hard drive revealed there were not there. The filenames were relatively short ie "That Lovin feeling" so that should not be a problem. I just tried to MOVE another to a different directory (not the original target directory) and it also "disappeared". I copied & pasted it to a Temp directory first so at it is not "lost"
I have a fair knowledge of computers and this is a mystery to me.!!!!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

It's just that I once had a group(name) with a single letter and a colon as artist name (A:xis) and when I tried to rename the files with the converter or with an action for directory, the files ended up in the program directory of mp3tag...

But if you say that this is not the case for you then it does not help a lot.

As for the calculation of the file name: you have to add all the letters, colons and backslashes and this sum must not exceed 254 characters. So under circumstances with very long folder names it may be that you exceed that limit.

Did you by any chance move the files to a hidden folder and you have the option "Show hidden files and folders" turned off?

No Hidden folders have always been turned on. But after a lot of time spent I have found where the songs were MOVed to. I have a 2nd internal hard drive which is used as a backup drive (drive J:) which is used by my backup software to automatically back up the C: drive periodically. Well I found all of the MOVed song titles sitting on the root of drive J: They are NOT part of the backup which is actually a disk image of C:

So now the issue is - how did they end up on drive J: I will try to isolate the MOVE procedure by logging what is going on when I MOVE a song from one directory on C: drive to another directory on C:drive but it ends up on J:drive.

I will give an update as soon as I can determine why this is happening. Thanks all for your suggestions.

Well sort of!.. I was unable to find out what was causing this MOVE error to take place so I uninstalled everything and formatted the drive then reinstalled everything. Now the MOVE error does not appear anymore. When I previously ran chkdisk it continuously came up with errors even with the "r" enabled. That is what led me to undertake the above action.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions along the way.