Using Mp3Tag in Runtime mode

I have 120K podcasts and want to count the number of various entries in a tag without having to load the podcasts (either at once or in several batches) ...
Is there a way to use Mp3Tag in a batch process to accomplish this goal?
See the following for an approach similar to what I'm considering:


You have to load each track at least once.
Have a look at the export functions to see if you can generate an export to deal with tags in different contexts.
On the other hand: if you want to rename files based tags, then see the menu function Convert >Tag filename
or consider to rename directories with the format value action.
But doing such a thing without opening the files does not work.

I ended up using the command line tool found at

kind of yuchy and slow, but i don't need to recurse the entire library too often so i can run overnight the batch process incorporating this tool.

suggestions for better ways are always welcome.


which is complicated and fast.

Thanks Ryerman, it worked great. I loved one of the reviews for ExifTool:

"Insanely great tool with a long learning curve ..."

The .exe I recommended above freezes my computer after about 7000 iterations. So don't use it.


You're welcome.

Luckily, there is excellent support on the Exiftool forums from a few experienced users and especially from the author, Phil Harvey.