Using Mp3tag to make .nfo files


I absolutely love this software and I'm planning on using it to make .nfo files to include with my MP3/FLAC etc. collection. I'm having problems with the layout though. I really can't figure it out (I'm usually a very quick study) so I'm hoping to find some help here.

Currently I'm using NFO Sighting for this task so I've attached my template and hope someone can help me out with 'converting' it to suit Mp3tag.

I can't figure out how to get Mp3tag to make a tracklist and to list the average bitrate of a VBR album. I don't really understand how to [EXPORTxxxxx] sections work, I guess.

I want one line with the average bitrate for all files selected on it, or the CBR value if that's the case. Have a look at mp3tag.txt to see what I'm currently getting.

Any help appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

template.txt (1.05 KB)

mp3tag.txt (4.25 KB)


Don't use the old export format [EXPORTxxxxx].
Use the new syntax with $loop(..). I have a quick example attached.
But i don't know if average bitrate of a VBR album is possible.

modtang_nfo.mte (1.03 KB)


You're amazing. Thank you. I'll play around with the new format and hopefully have some more luck with that. You've been a big help. :smiley: