Using MP3Tag to Move Files, Extract Folder.jpg question

Just in the process of migrating all my music over to another server with bigger capacity. I have all my music as flac and all tracks have embedded cover art. I also in some of my folders have the cover as folder.jpg too. and sub-folders for other artwork. So i'm moving 9.3Tb worth of files and maybe 20,000+ folders.

I'm using MP3Tag to move all my files, mainly because by using a custom Action group i get all the files in the same naming format, therefore it makes it easier to spot when i get a duplicate album from somewhere. It also helps to clean up the mistakes i've made late one night too. I want each folder to have a cover art file as folder.jpg.

Is there a query or command to check to see if i already have a folder.jpg file in the directory before i automatically extract another one?

Currently i have to manually make a decision on in windows 7 (overwrite, rename of ignore) and this is means i can't set and forget as it waits for a decision and mouse click before moving on. Of course i could actually look and decide on each folder, but i like to process about 100Gig at once.

The commands i use in the action group are:

format value "_FILENAME":%track%.%Title%
format value "_DIRECTORY":G:\Lossless_ALBUMS\%artist%\%Year% - %Album%
export cover to file "folder"

All this or a variant for compilations , classical or CDS works brilliantly. But is there a way of asking "if file "folder" exists then don't export file?

You will notice i prefer to move the entire folder with subfolders intact to keep all the artwork files in a subfolder. So just moving the files with a format command of

G:\Lossless_ALBUMS\%artist%\%year% - %album%\%track%.%title%

only works if there are no other files in the folder i want but the .flac ones.

I hope i've explained myself clearly enough
Thanks all the Gurus out there...

You might ask why i want folder.jpg when its already embedded into every file? well i think that the album flipper in xbmc loads so much faster with a cover image file.

In the export cover action there is a checkbox "Export duplicates" which in the end leads to files like folder(1).jpg, folder(2).jpg
So if you export more or less all embbeded album arts and then search for folder(*.jpg and delete these files you will end up with only folder.jpg.
Which, in a way, is a brute force approach.

I too want folder.jpgs to move with album when i move its location on the filesystem, but i do not use embeded artwork; maybe there is a specific mp3tag action which has the effect of using an OS move 'type' command on a folder?

Use the format value "_DIRECTORY" to move the whole folder and its contents. see the commands i posted in my earlier enquiry.

as far as i'm aware the export cover action can't be added to a custom action group, so thats not a possibility, what i really want is an automated check to see if folder.jpg is present before trying to extract another.

Well, this does not match my experience.

Here is an example of a custom action group that exports the covers to two filenames

Begin Action Group

Action #1
Actiontype 13: Export cover image to file
Formatstring for image filename: %album%

[X] Export duplicate cover images

Action #2
Actiontype 13: Export cover image to file
Formatstring for image filename: folder

[_] Export duplicate cover images

End Action Group (2 Actions)