Using MP3TAG with conditional logic - Windows 10

I have a large library of music files, some 24k and growing weekly as I digitize more albums and do research for my website.

It turns out that the music system I use to stream the music in the house honors the ARTISTSORT tag, if present and sorts the artist differently if found.

I tried pointing MP3TAG at the whole library to then sort via the ARTISTSORT column and clear those that have it. After about 3,500 files it ground to a halt.

Can anyone suggest how to use MP3TAG conditionally to remove the tag if it is present?

I'd like to avoid rewriting ALL files with a blank ARTISTSORT tag as that would create a massive problem with creating "new" files for backup, so even if MP3TAG could load 24k files at one time, and write them back out, this would be a bad idea.

I use Windows 10, so a .bat file or powershell solution would be simplest.

Have a look at the library function (although I think it is not really necessary for only 24k files).
Also see the filter
artistsort PRESENT

There are no "empty" fields. A field with no data is simply not present.
If MP3tag really stopped after just 3,500 files then I would check the files for integrity. I regularly treat thousands of files without any problems.
Here is a thread with links to utility tools: