Using multiple lyrics in same song?

Hi all, first post, this is a great software!

I've been playing the last days with Mp3tag, it's nice to see it can support multiple (unsyncronised) lyrics in the same song (not many other software have that). But can anyone tell me, is there any media player that supports multiple lyric values? (Couldn't find anything on that online or the forum here)

More specifically, I want to have 3 separate unsync lyrics (for example, the lyrics in English, the lyrics in German, and the guitar chords). All the media players I tried (which can show lyrics on a window) only detect the first lyric entry (the English). Is there any mp3 player software than allows me to say for example, "show only the 3rd lyric entry" of all songs to be played? Actually, I'd be even happier with 3 simultaneous columns, but that looks too ambitious!

I'll appreciate any advice.

You could have a look at foobar2000.
This allows you to create your own columns.
for an explanation on the meta(x,n) statement.
Perhaps this suits you.

Hi, thanks!

I had checked Foobar, I couldn't find a way to make it recognise two unsynced lyric entries. I think the problem with most players is not multiple columns, but how to recognise and handle multiple lyric entries for the same song.

I've got a roundabout solution for anyone who is interested. Songbird recognises and displays simple html elements in tags (as in the attached html. some more advanced commands are not that reliable). So you just add the text of the html file to the lyrics tag of the song and you can have multiple columns.

Song.htm (1.3 KB)