Using My Updated Tags From Mp3tag to Update my Windows Music Folder

I recently installed Mp3tag and am now updating my tags.

When I have finished updating, how can I export the corrected tags from Mp3tag and make them overwrite the old (incomplete) tags in my nominated Mp3tag Directory (which is the Windows Music folder)?

I listen to my music via Windows Media Player 12 which reads the data from the Windows Music folder, but I don't know how to update those files.

Can Mp3tag export direct to the the Windows Music folder and update it?

You can edit the files directly in the folder - let MP3tag open and load the files of the folder.

If you have already got editted copies of your files, move them to the music folder.

You have to let WMP do its update process before you see the result. The quickest way is:
Delete the files from the WMP library (not the file system).
Trigger Extras>Enhanced>Restore deleted items
This updates the tags in the library if you have not changed the filename.

Thanks for you quick response!

Sorry - but as I've only got a few hours experience I need to ask you a couple of questions if that's OK:

1 - Which folder are you referring to, please?

2 - <If you have already got edited copies of your files, move them to the music folder>

    Thinking about it, ideally I'd like to back up my existing Music folder and then empty it.                                      Then copy all the (corrected) files from the Mp3tag Directory into the Music folder and then do the WMP update.

Thanks for your help so far - it's appreciated! :slight_smile:


I am not quite sure that I understand your workflow.

The folder that you named "Music folder"

Backups are always a good thing.
Yet, the transfer between a location for editing and one for WMP is not necessary - but that is up to you.

OK - I think I understand how it works now, thanks again.

BTW, this a great piece of software and it is encouraging to see that it is constantly being developed.

It's also good to see all the suggestions from other users too...