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OK, I can not seem to find help anywhere about what I need to do, I am hoping someone here can come up with an answer. What I want to do is simply move an original mp3 folder with all the files in it inside a new folder containing the artist name example:

Would become

I don't want to rename any of the mp3 files or the original folder file. I just want the entire dir moved into a folder inside the artist name.

This task can be solved by different ways.
Here is a proposal, which moves only the media files, and will leave alone other files.

Convert "Tag-Filename"
Formatstring: $replace(%_folderpath%'$',%_directory%'$',%artist%''%_directory%)''%_filename%

Here is a proposal, which will create a new folder, which is one level above the folder containing the tracks.

Convert "Tag-Tag"
Formatstring: %_folderpath%'..'%artist%''%_directory%

See also ...


If the files are already in the correct number of folders (and have not to be separated), then use an action of the type "Format value" or the function Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY:
Format string: %artist%\%_directory%

This worked great thank you so much!

DetlevD YOU ROCK! Thanks so much it worked perfectly!

DetlevD Everything works perfect 1 last question is there a way I can add the year of the album before the folder Example
would become
Music\Damageplan\2004 - Damageplan-New_Found_Power-CD-MP3-2004

Do apply Convert "Tag - Tag" [Alt+5] ... or ... Action "Format value", on tagfield _DIRECTORY.

Proposal 1 (this proposal relies on tagfield YEAR having a value):

%_folderpath%'..\'%YEAR%' - '%ARTIST%'\'%_directory%

Proposal 2:

%_folderpath%'..\'[%YEAR%' - ']%ARTIST%'\'%_directory%

Meaning of square bracket clamb [...]:
If there exists a value within the tagfield YEAR, then apply the formatstring within the square brackets, otherwise skip the square bracket code.

Note: The given formatstring takes the value %year& from the first selected track and moves the entire selection to one new folder.


DetlevD I tried both ways and they work for adding the year to the artist folder but I would like it added in front of the original dir when it moves it.
your example was
Music\Damageplan - 2004\ Damageplan-New_Found_Power-CD-MP3

what I was looking to do was
Music\Damageplan\2004 - Damageplan-New_Found_Power-CD-MP3

have it be the only thing added to the moved original folder. Thanks for your time.

I may have figured it out myself with this...
%_folderpath%'..'%artist%''%year%' - '%_directory%

Am I right?

Yes you are right, probably I had not had enough sleep in the past night.


Thanks appreciate all the help!