Using part of the folder name for tagging

Hi everyone!

I'm quite new to mp3tag and it's community so sorry if the question has already been asked.

I have a lot of techno albums I bought of Bandcamp and i finally started to tag them with their appropriate metadata. It's a lot of songs so I want to automize it as much as possible. The track, artist and title tags are going very well but the album artist and album tags are quite a hassle. At the moment my folder structure is as such:

"Record Label/Artist - Album name/Songs"

I want to know if it is possible to use the %_directory% but only for part of the folder name. This way I could make it so that the album name and album artist can be sorted in their own data column without the full folder name being in both.

Thanks in advance!

See the documentation:

From this folder structure, is the "Artist" truly the song artist, or is it the AlbumArtist? And if it is AlbumArtist, how are you able to separately identify a song Artist on compilation Albums, or at least identify the compilations to handle differently? This will matter if you are trying to automate the process.

Thankyou for the reply!

After looking at the documentation some more I came up with a string that works perfectly for me!

This is my folder structure:
Music\Various Artists - EP 1\1.Nene H - No Pause For Reflection.flac

And this is the string I used:
%dummy%\%albumartist% - %album%\%track%.%artist% - %title%

Using this method the song artist stays intact but with the benefit of having the album artist say "Various Artists". This string has worked perfectly for the last 100 songs so I'm sure it will work out in the long run!