Using path to modify tags problem

Hi. I'm having trouble getting tag names from the path on the mac version, as discussed here: Converters to rename files or to import tags

If this is my file directory:

Fela Kuti\(1969) Fela Fela Fela\01 My Lady Frustration.mp3

Shouldn't this be what I enter using Convert > Filename - Tag?:

%artist%\(%year%) %album%\%track% %title%

It will not allow me to use this coding. Convert is grayed out anytime I include a backslash in the format string. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

See Rename Files and Import Tags from Files from the Mac Documentation. The relevant bit there is that macOS uses the forward slash as folder separator and Mp3tag for Mac follows this approach.

If your file path is
Fela Kuti/(1969) Fela Fela Fela/01 My Lady Frustration.mp3

a correct format string is
%artist%/(%year%) %album%/%track% %title%

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Thank you - that was it!

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