Using Regular expressions in tag converting

Dear all,
I think my problem is solvable - a little tricky though.

My POP-Albums have Filenames like

I converted them to tag title (Alt-2) eliminating the '_' so tag 'title' is now

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul 09 Girl

This is basically OK, specially for classical music, but ...

Playing them in car-devices displays everything ... except the 'real' title - too long...

My intention:
Converting the tag 'title' so as to delete everything before the first number (digit) resulting in tag 'title' as follows

1965 Rubber Soul 09 Girl

Doing this twice would result in

09 Girl

This would be great! I do have the correct tags ''artist' (Beatles) and 'album' (Rubber Soul)

So the question: What is the convert-command to delete everything before the first 'number'
Is there a usable regular expression for number ?

Sorry if I could have found that from FAQs - I checked them, but negative. But I suppose for you experts - no problem.

Any help highly appreciated, thanks, Bernd Richter

PS. mp3tag is a great program! Were it not, my mp3s would look much different, much simpler!

If you have filled TITLE with e.g. "Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul 09 Girl"
use an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,.* (\d+.*),$1)