Using regular expressions to resort folders

I have a large library, and the folder tree structure was a mess making it difficult to locate specific albums. I figured out how to use Actions to re-sort the MP3's and put them neatly into folders organized by genre\band\album. Much better now!

However, I had more than just the MP3's in my old folders. There were jpgs in each folder, and occasionally txt or pdf files in there too. The expression I used managed to reorganize my MP3's really great but it left all these other files behind.

Is there any way to use regular expressions to move these other files as well as the Mp3's into newly reorganized folder trees, preferably all in one swoop? Or even in a couple of swoops....? If there is, it's beyond me, I can't figure it out.... I need some help.

If there isn't any way available to do this with MP3 tag, does anyone have any good suggestions on how I can get these other file types back with the MP3's they belong to in the newly reorganized folders?