Using "Tag sources" menu for double CD's with exactly the same title


I am using MP3tag to rename my tracks which are currently of the form
Artist - Album Title - Track Title

\artist\album - year\Track Number - Track Title using the following Tag - Filename
F:\MyDocuments\sweep\My Music\MP3Out$if($eql(%band%,),UNCLASSIFIED,%band%)\%album% - %year%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

The above is probably irrelevant

I also use Tag Souces - Music Brainz (mainly to fill in all of the missing album covers). I notice if you get a mismatch between the files you've picked and the ones coming back from musicbrainz, you can end up with the title tags being renamed (not a problem so far)

But nowow I am coming to my double albumns e.g.
Genesis - Live Over Europe 2007
The album title tags don't distinguish between CD1 and CD2, in mp3tag I see
Track Album Title
1 Live Over Europe 2007 Duke
1 Live Over Europe 2007 Mama
2 Live Over Europe 2007 Ripples
2 Live Over Europe 2007 Turn it on

I have 21 tracks, and musicbrainz has 10 for CD1 and 11 for CD2. Are there any neat tricks for matching up the songs to the right album so I can edit the album titles to include CD1 and CD2 etc, or is it a matter of me going through them manually (which I guess shouldn't be too hard as if I sort them by track number, it's just a matter of me checking the title and assigning the relevant album title)?


Have you checked whether the tag discnumber is filled? Perhaps sorting first by discnumber and then by tracknumber will get your tracks in the right order and you are then free to renumber them in a sequential order.

Thannks for replying

Sadly discnumber isn't filled for any of my tracks. I'll just have to resort to manually picking the tracks and amending the album title manually :frowning:

Basically the format has to be suitable for an ipod and a Creative Zen. For the playing order, I think they just sort on album title and track number, so the 2 track ones will come 1st, followed by the 2 track two's etc. OH isn't bothered about it, but I am, especially if the music is specifically sequenced!