Using tags and tieing the changes back to my Explorer folder

I just found out about this software. I have in a folder about 1200 mp3 songs of which around 100 do not have the name of the artist and I want to add the artist to the file. As I've found out I cannot go into the folder in Explorer and add this feature, hence finding this software. I don't really understand "tags." I tried the software and tied it to the folder in Explorer and found I can add the artist. I don't know how to save the updates back to my Explorer folder. I add and subtract mp3s in the folder then copy them to my mp3 player.
What am I missing?

Where do you expect to see the changes that you have made?
Tags are embedded metadata - it is not the filename.
You could rewrite the filename, though, if that helps you.
See also the first steps as described in the documentation:

I will check out what you've sent.
My goal is to see all of the changes I've made show up in my folder in Explorer so I can add and subtract from there. I'm a bit old school.

Honestly: any decent player reads the tags and hardly relies on the file names.
You would do yourself a favour if you embedded the metadata and left the filenames as they are or at least invest only as little effort as necessary in them.

If ou really only want to rename the files, then you are probably better off with a dedicated file handling program.


These are two completely different things.
What exactly do you want to achieve?
If you want to see the modified content eventually in your mp3 player, you need to embed the data into your tags.