using the "if" function

Hi, I'm really new to this renaming tool and would like to perform the following action:

I want all the title fields that do not have the mix or remix version specified to have this: (Original Mix) on the end of the title field. So it would do something like this:

John Flubber - North (Original Mix) => unchanged
John Flubber - North (Cedric Gervais Mix) => unchanged

John Flubber - North => John Flubber - North (Original Mix)

I tried several ways by using the format value action, with the if2 expression but didn't get anywhere.

I would really appreciate your help.

Many thanks!

Use the Filter with this expression ...
Use an action ...
Action: Format value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %TITLE%' (Original Mix)'


Thanks a lot, it worked. :slight_smile: