Using the splitting action


This is a repost, because it seemed that my post was lost inside a cold topic. No one was reading it, even though it wasn't solved.

So here it is.

I tried the split action (split fields by seperator) on some of my mp3s (they were all tagged the same way for the genres: Hip-Hop, Reggae, Russian)

After the action, I pressed Ctrl+S and my mp3s were successfully tagged Hip-Hop\\Reggae\\Russian.

Unfortunately, it seems that mp3tag only takes the first tag, i.e. Hip-Hop, and ignores "Reggae" and "Russian". So when I scroll through my list, those songs in my samsung P2, they are only under the genre Hip-Hop.

What am I doing wrong?


P.S. BTW, I checked the "Enable email notification of replies" but it doesn't work... I must visit the site 10 times a day to see if someone has replied...

I don't think the player supports multiple genre tags. It's not very common.
It may also depend on the tag version, v2.3 has no real support for it, v2.4 has but this version is also not much supported.
It's not a problem of the split action.