Using TMOO in Mp3Tag

So I've read the various posts here about the Windows MOOD tag issue not being accessible in MP3Tag, and something about that field not being supported directly in MP3Tag but being contained in a TMOO frame that IS supported in it. But I can't figure out how to see that TMOO frame in Mp3Tag no matter what I add in extended tags/ column view/ etc and what tag versions I select as viewable. Can someone please help me understand this as I would really like to implement this field as a "placeholder" of sorts for defining a file subset of my library.

Many thanks!

I think that this thread has the whole discussion:

Yes, I saw that. And I saw where it says that "TMOO is only defined in v2.4". And Mp3Tag supports ID3v2.4, correct? Is it correct that Windows Explorer stores the MOOD field in a PRIV frame that corresponds to the TMOO frame somehow?

I don't need to access the MOOD field info in any music player program--- I just need to be able to read it in the Windows file property details for organizational purposes. I would prefer not to put the info I need there in COMMENTS or GROUPDESCRIPTION, as those fields are already being used for other info. But I guess that's what I'll have to do if there is no way to access MOOD in Mp3Tag. Unless there is some other program that is able to write to that frame...?

Windows does not handle V2.4 - MP3tag does.
Windows handles its own PRIV frame - Mp3tag does not.
That's it.
Please note: PRIV frames usually contain binary data that starts to make sense if you know what those bits mean. In this case: only Windows knows.