Utilize number of selected files in scripting

I would like to create an action group that utilizes the number of selected files, as well as the selection number of each selected file. The Auto Numbering Wizard (ANW) is obviously capable of retrieving and utilizing that data, and MP3Tag’s status bar also displays how many files are selected, but I’m looking to do something other than track- and disc-number as done by the ANW, and not seeing any way to get or use either piece of information via scripting. Is there a way to do this? If not, can this be considered a feature request?

See the documentation on totals:

I just checked %_total_files% and it returned the number of selected files.

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Ah, check. The doc threw me off with the way that section was worded:

Global placeholders for Export

Providing totals for the preceding $loop / $loopend

(…since I was neither exporting nor using $loop.)


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