Utilize wheel mouse button

I would like to pot out that Mp3tag does not allow for movement of the view in the main window like for example Firefox does, where you can push the scroll / wheel button and move freely around of what you see when the given content it exceeding the size of your screen

Also Mp3tag does not allow for such strictly horizontal movement with the usage of the left / right scroll button, if a mouse has such hardware additional functionality

Right now in Mp3tag only the basic vertical scrolling is possible with the mouse scroll button. And so with many wide columns [exceeding the size of screen] the user has to revert to a griping and moving of the scroll bar to see what is far on the right

And also I would like to point out that the vertical scrolling does not work in the Tag Panel

You can use the scroll button when focused in the box of some tag field, but clicking outside boxes [or even on scroll bar] does not [how to put it] move the "focus" on the whole Tag Panel

It took some time to get a mouse with a mouse wheel that allows vertical and horizontal scrolling. I tested it with a Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 USB and it works.
Turning the wheel: up and down scrolling.
Tilting the wheel to either side: left and right scrolling.
So I would say that the function is already there.
(And isn't it a feature of the mouse driver and not the application?)

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I think I initially confused two functions; or it somehow got to work on its own. Here it is once more:

I use Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Refresh M-R0001 on Windows 7 x64. It does not have drives other than what is built in the receiver / mouse itself. I can scroll sideways if I push the scroll button left / right, which is additional mechanical function- and that is what also you have described. But pressing the separate middle button, which in this device is equivalent of the function of the press command on the scroll wheel, does nothing [while in Firefox and Excel I immediately get an icon indicating being in a mode of scrolling freely content]

Also my old Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 does not work in Mp3tg like it does in Firefox or Excel- in that pressing the scroll wheel does not allow me to move freely in the window with the list of files [and yes, I made sure I had a lot of unseen content to be seen after scrolling, which is indicated by the scrollbars on the right and at the bottom]

And some other third party software also does not utilize that function. So it seems it depends on the software and not hardware and / or its drivers

To sum up: in Mp3tag side-scrolling works but free-scrolling does not

And how about:


It still does no work for me- I an never get a focus on that vertical scroll bar of the Tag Panel. I always have to grab it and then scroll it or just click on the space of it that is no occupied by the indicator- but I can not just click once on it and then use the mouse wheel

Yes, I've noticed that. A field in the Tag Panel will always have the mouse focus. That's not how it should work.

And just why is should work like that?

Why we should not be able to scroll whole Tag Panel with the mouse scroll? Is it against the international law of the sea or maybe a blasphemy of some kind?

It seems that you were right

With Logitech Mouse MX Anywhere 2 I can now scroll more efficiently