Utils menu in Mac version?

I am doing a trial and trying to use Discogs and/or Musicbrains to clean up tags. My files are generally tagged already with the main fields (artist, album, track, title) so this is mainly to validate tags and set some of the other tags (genre, etc.). When I go through the process, I locate the album and it does the lookup and brings me to lists of titles, but they don't match on either the track or the title between the online source and the files being tagged.

I figured out that you can drag them into the order that you want, but that was tedious to do even after a couple of albums. I thought I could do the usual and click on the header to sort the file list by track to get a good start, but no joy. No sorting at all that I could see.

I went to the documentation and it mentions using the Utils menu to select a setting that will try to match them by the title, perfect! ...but I can't find any Utils menu.

First, am I just missing something? Is there a way to generally automate the process of matching these? Or is the Mac version missing key aspects of the Windows version? Heck, is the documentation just wrong and there is no Utils menu?

On the plus side, I was able to use the Actions to set up a regular expression replace action to clean up where I had track tags that were track number of total tracks (e.g., 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, etc.) Very cool! At that point I was thinking I would be able to automate a workflow to clean up some tag anomalies, do an online lookup to clean up the remaining ones, and rename the files based on that. I am hopeful there is a resolution.

You've probably read this in the documentation for the Windows version and not in what opens when you choose Help → Mp3tag Help from within the app (it points to #mac:doc ).

Sorting options for Tag Sources results are on my internal wish list.

Thanks. They are on my wish list too!